Passion Fruit Curd Rings


  • Passion fruit purée 175 g 6.17 oz 17.47%
  • Lemon juice 20 g .71 oz 2%
  • Sugar 225 g 7.94 oz 22.47%
  • Salt 1 g .02 oz .05%
  • Egg yolks 235 g 8.29 oz 23.46%
  • Butter, diced 330 g 11.64 oz 32.95%
  • Gelatin sheets, silver, bloomed in cold water, excess water squeezed off 16 g .56 oz 1.6%


  1. Place 10 oval rings measuring 5 cm/2 in wide by 10 cm/4 in long by 1.25 cm/.5 in deep on a flat sheet pan lined with a nonstick rubber mat.
  2. Line a half sheet pan with a nonstick rubber mat and put a 3-mm/.1-in Plexiglas frame on top of it.
  3. Prepare the curd using the method for lemon curd. Pour into the prepared frame, even it out so that it is flat, and then cover it with a sheet of acetate. Let set in the freezer.
  4. Once hardened, flip the curd onto a cutting board. Peel off the nonstick rubber mat and remove the Plexiglas frame.
  5. Using a ruler and a knife, cut out 1.25-cm/.5-in-wide strips vertically, cutting through the acetate sheet. You will have about 25 strips, but you will only need 10 (1 per order). Take each one of the strips and, when it has softened slightly, line the inside of each prepared oval ring. Trim the ends if necessary so that the ends of each curd strip do not overlap.
  6. Reserve covered and refrigerated until ready to pour in the rice pudding.