Corn Salad

Salade de Mache ou Doucette


  • A Pint of Corn Salad
  • 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs, or 2 Medium-Sized Beets (If Desired)
  • A Plain French Dressing


This is an excellent salad, and is prepared and served with a French Dressing. Take one pint of fresh Doucette and pare off the outer stale leaves, if there are any; cut off the roots. Wash the Doucette well in two waters, drain in a napkin and place in the salad bowl. When ready to serve add a plain French Dressing, but not before. Mix well, so that every portion will be impregnated with the Dressing. Serve very cold. A garnish of two hard-boiled eggs, sliced or cut in quarters, or of two medium-sized beets, may be added both for taste and effect.