9. Carrot Pickles


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50 Ways to Cook a Carrot

50 Ways to Cook a Carrot

By Peter Hertzmann

Published 2020

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Before cooks possessed the ability to preserve food with refrigeration and freezing, techniques like drying, pickling, and smoking were commonly used to preserve meat, fish, and vegetables. Root vegetables were an exception. Most root vegetables could be harvested in the summer and then stored in man-made caves until the spring. Carrots were often stored in barrels of dry sawdust with some of the sawdust separating one carrot from the next. Once in the barrel, the whole container went into the root cellar to keep cool. Even though carrots traditionally haven’t been pickled for preservation, you can still pickle carrots just because the result tastes good.

There are two basic methods of pickling. The oldest form is probably bacterial fermentation brought about by immersing the vegetable into a salt-based brine. Almost as old is acid fermentation, usually done by immersing the vegetable in wine or vinegar.