50 Ways to Cook a Carrot

50 Ways to Cook a Carrot

By Peter Hertzmann

Original Publisher
Prospect Books
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Mastering methods is key to learning to cook, argues Hertzmann. Get it right and you’re freed from being a mere recipe-follower. Each of the 50 recipes, based on carrots, cleverly demonstrates a prep or cooking method – julienning, sous-vide, roasting... The principles can be applied to any food. The book (a New Yorker ‘best cookbook’ of 2020) may sound a bit mad but there’s clearly more method than madness here. Brilliantly done.

from the publisher

This is a book for people who open cans and snip frozen bags of produce, and ramp up the microwave rather than cook. It is also for the experienced cook who has never done sous-vide or fermenting. A book for all who dare to tread the boards in the kitchen. Every method presented in this book is approachable for both novice cooks and those with many years experience. He gives prescriptive advice, such as the salt concentration for pickling a carrot should be 3%, but his book is easy to put into action in the kitchen. Some of the methods: Simple slices - Matchsticks, julienne, or bâtonnets. Grating carrots, mandolins, juicing carrots, blending carrots, a new-fangled pickling container, salt fermented carrots, miso-pickled carrots, acid fermentation, Pickling spices, modern, sous-vide cooking - why sous-vide cooking works

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