Vietnamese Coriander

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Polygonum odoratum (also listed under the name Persicaria odorata) is a succulent, a perennial herb that grows best in damp soil. In Vietnamese it is called rau ram, and in Burma itโ€™s pe-pei-yuet. Itโ€™s more used by the Shan and the Kachin than by the Bamar. The flavor is somewhere in the coriander-to-mint range, and it is particularly delicious with cooked chicken and in salads. The leaves are medium to dark green and tapered, with a darker-colored V on them. The stems are knobby and jointed. Look for it in Southeast Asian markets. If you want to start growing it, place some stems in water, and they will develop rootlets. Plant in moist soil and keep well watered and in partial shade.