Burma: Rivers of flavor

by Naomi Duguid


Author Naomi Duguid travelled to Burma (Myanmar) numerous times over several years while researching this book. It’s far more than a recipe book: it’s an introduction to the diverse peoples of the country and their varied cuisines, traditions, and foodways (the recipes can be easily made in the typical home kitchen, too). Duguid dedicates the book “To the people of Burma, whose resilience in hard times, and generosity to a stranger, are remarkable and moving.”

from the publisher

Naomi Duguid’s heralded cookbooks have always transcended the category to become “something larger and more important” (Los Angeles Times). Each in its own way is “a breakthrough book . . . a major contribution” (The New York Times). And as Burma opens up after a half century of seclusion, who better than Duguid – the esteemed author of Hot Sour Salty Sweet – to introduce the country and its food and flavors to the West.

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So you think you know... Burmese Food

So you think you know... Burmese Food

Naomi Duguid, award-winning author of Burma: Rivers of Flavor, set this quiz for us. You’re sure to learn something, whatever your level of knowledge!

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