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By Heston Blumenthal, Pascal Barbot, Nobu Matsuhisa and Kiyomi Mikuni

Published 2009

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This type of fushi is made using a fish that is known in Japan as the sodagatsuo which, as its name suggests, is related to the katsuo and has the scientific name auxis; common name ‘bullet’ or ‘frigate’ tuna. Because several sub-species of this fish have high levels of chiai, they are not ideal for eating in their natural state and are therefore made into fushi. The main centre of fishing for this species is Kochi prefecture, on the island of Shikoku. During the production process, most fish are split into two, though smaller specimens are sometimes kept in one piece. Sodabushi results in a stronger tasting and smelling dashi than magurobushi, and is therefore more commonly used in simmered dishes and in stock for udon and soba noodle dishes. It appears as both arabushi and karebushi, which are favoured in Kansai and Kanto respectively.