Pasta corta

Ingredients Durum-wheat flour, corn flour, water, and salt.

How Made The flours are sifted together onto a wooden board and kneaded long and vigorously with water and a pinch of salt. The dough is left to rest, then rolled out into a thick sheet, and small triangles are cut from it. The patellette are boiled in salted water.

Also Known As No alternative names.

How Served As pastasciutta, with a soffritto of onions and pancetta.

Where Found Abruzzo, in particular the province of Teramo.

Remarks According to tradition, this tasty pasta of Teramo is served with a rather liquid condiment and eaten with a spoon. Many poor pastas are prepared this way: serving them slightly watery was one way for the poor to fill their stomachs with a bit more volume.