2231 Cote de Boeuf, or Train de Cotes

Ribs of Beef

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This part of the carcase is one of the finest joints for presentation and carving in the dining-room. For this it is always roasted, placed on a carving trolley with a Bain-marie for the roast gravy as well as containers for any garnishes. The trolley is wheeled before the guest and carved to order by a specially trained carver.
Ribs of beef may also be braised but in both cases the joint should be trimmed and the bones of the chine removed along with the sinew running along the top. The cooking time for roasting naturally varies according to the size and quality of the joint, but the following approximate times are useful as a guide. If roasted on a spit allow 30–35 minutes per 1 kg (2ΒΌ lb) or 25–30 minutes if roasted in the oven.