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Oxford Companion to Food

Oxford Companion to Food

By Alan Davidson

Published 2014

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Mehlspeisen literally ‘foods made with flour’, is a C. European overarching category of foods, some savoury and many sweet, which has been well described by Lesley Chamberlain (1989):

What the Austrians call Mehlspeisen, and which are eaten throughout their old empire, are those savoury or sweet dishes of dumplings, yeast pies, noodles, pancakes and other mixtures of grain with milk, sugar, cream and curds, which constitute more than a pudding and less than a meal. These dishes are deep tureens of nursery memories. As they literally translate, ‘foods made with flour’ can be sweet, semi-sweet or savoury, with more or less sugar and/or salt, depending on availability, or nowadays on taste. New dishes have evolved in every direction from the basic conjunction of coarse flour/meal and water.

… The various doughs and pastes combine with vegetables or fruit or soft cheese, cream, butter, bacon, nuts, jam, poppy seed and honey.