* Bolet de Tinta

Shaggy Ink-Cap

Appears in

Honey from a Weed

By Patience Gray

Published 1986

Good, as many people know, when cooked in butter in its first youth; it cannot be conserved. This advice applies also to Amanita vaginata, in Catalan called pentinella and candela.

Of the agarics, two are rated ‘good’. These are *Bola de neu anisada (snowball with a taste of anis), Agaricus silvicola, the wood mushroom; and *camperol, A campestris, the field mushroom known to all. The latter can be conserved in salt or put under vinegar. Another agaric, bola de neu (snowball), A arvensis, the horse mushroom, is only deemed ‘regular’, although in France it is esteemed under various names: boule de neige, champignon des bruyères, rosé, pâturon blanc, etc.