Pommes de Terre


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Hows and Whys of French Cooking

By Alma Lach

Published 1974

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There are many ways of preparing potatoes, and from the French we get a wide range of exotic and palatable recipes. These include Pommes Frites, Soufflées, Duchesse, Pommes de Terre Anna, and a host of others. But of all these the real challenge, even for a chef, is the souffléed potato. Its preparation, like all the rest, follows exact rules.
Regardless of the recipe selected, be sure the potatoes are of uniform size and shape when they are put on to cook. When making simple boiled potatoes, don’t peel potatoes of just any size and unthinkingly plunge them into water. Potatoes of different sizes, and certainly those of different varieties, will require different cooking times.