Lilacscale Milkcap

Lactarius spinosulus


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Lilacscale Milkcap Lactarius spinosulus Quél. (illustrated 70% life size) Cap 2.5–6cm across, convex then funnel-shaped in centre, margin incurved at first then straight; pinkish-buff to vinaceous-lilac with darker flecks, fibrils, or scattered, pointed, fibrillose scales, especially towards the margin. Stem 25–50×6–12mm, often irregularly dimpled or flattened; concolorous with cap or paler. Flesh white to vinaceous-buff. Gills decurrent, somewhat narrow and crowded; buff. Milk white; taste slowly moderately hot. Spores 7–8.5×5.5–7.5¼, elliptical; thickish ridges running predominantly across the spores. Spore print pale ochre (D–E) with slight salmon tinge. Habitat deciduous woods, especially with birch; late summer to autumn. Uncommon. Not edible.

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