Angel’s Bonnet

Mycena arcangeliana

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Angel’s Bonnet Mycena arcangeliana Bres. syn. M. oortiana Hora (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 1–5cm across, broadly conical; whitish to grey-brown with an olivaceous tint, striate. Stem 20–40×1–2mm; greyish, fading with age; base covered in white down. Flesh white in cap, grey in stem; taste mild, smell strongly iodoform. Gills adnexed, crowded; white at first, becoming pinkish. Spores 7–8×4.5–5¼, pip-shaped; amyloid. Spore print whitish. Cheilocystidia abundant, clavate or ovate, thin-walled, hyaline; densely granulate-warted. Habitat on stumps and branches of deciduous trees; autumn. Common. Unknown edibility.