Common Bonnet

Mycena galericulata


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Common Bonnet Mycena galericulata (Scop.) Gray (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 2–6cm across, conical, expanding to bell-shaped with a broad umbo; brown or grey-brown, paler and distinctly striate at the margin. Stem 20–100Γ—3–8mm, the base often rooting; concolorous with cap, paler near the apex; hollow but tough, base covered in fine, white fibrils. Flesh white; thin; taste mild, smell mealy when crushed, rancid. Gills adnate with decurrent tooth; white at first, becoming flesh-pink. Spores 9–12Γ—6–8ΒΌ, ellipsoid; amyloid. Spore print cream. Basidia often 2-spored. Cheilocystidia clavate, covered with relatively long, filiform processes. Habitat in clusters on stumps and fallen branches of broad-leaved trees; all year. Very common. Edible but not worthwhile.

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