Clitocybe metachroa


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Clitocybe metachroa (Fr.) P. Kumm. syn. C. dicolor (Pers.) Murrill (illustrated 40% life size) Cap 3–5cm across, flattened-convex at first, soon deeply depressed; white when dry, pale tan-buff when moist with darker centre. Stem 30–60Γ—4–8mm; concolorous with cap, darkening below; becoming hollow, tough, with silky, white fibres along its length. Flesh tan-buff; thin; smell none or faint, not mealy. Gills slightly decurrent, crowded; white to greyish. Spores 6–7Γ—3.5–4ΒΌ, ovate. Spore print white. Habitat in coniferous and deciduous woods; autumn. Common. Unknown edibility.

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