Fairy Ring Champignon

Marasmius oreades

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Fairy Ring Champignon Marasmius oreades (Bolton) Fr. (illustrated 40% life size) Cap 2–5cm across, convex then flattened with a large, broad umbo; tan when moist, drying buff, tinged with tan at the centre. Stem 20–100×3–5mm; whitish to pale buff; tough, rigid. Flesh whitish; thick at the centre of the cap; smell of fresh sawdust. Gills distant; white, then ochre-cream. Spores 8–10×5–6¼, pip-shaped. Spore print white. Cuticular cells subglobose, smooth. Habitat often forming rings in the short grass of pasture or lawns; late spring to late autumn. Very common. Edible but great care should be taken in collection, since it can be confused with the deadly Clitocybe rivulosa.