Pearly Parachute

Marasmius wynnei

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Pearly Parachute Marasmius wynnei Berk. & Broom (illustrated 45% life size) Cap 2–6cm across, hemispherical to flattened convex; pallid or violet-grey and striate at the margin when moist, drying from centre to cream-buff to clay-pink and slightly wrinkled. Stem 20–100×2–5mm; buff near the apex, reddish-brown to almost black towards base; base finely white-powdered. Flesh whitish in cap, darker in stem. Gills white at first, then pallid or tinged violet. Spores 5–7×3–3.5¼, pip-shaped. Spore print white. Cuticular cells subglobose, smooth. Habitat in clusters amongst leaf litter in beech woods; autumn. Occasional. Not edible.