Scaly Webcap

Cortinarius (Sericeocybe) pholideus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Scaly Webcap Cortinarius (Sericeocybe) pholideus (Fr.) Fr. (illustrated 55% life size) Cap 3–10cm across, convex, becoming expanded, sometimes centrally depressed or wavy at the margin; ochraceous-buff to light date-brown, darker towards the centre; covered in small, fibrillose, sepia scales. Stem 50–120×8–15mm; dirty ochraceous, flushed violaceous at apex at first, conspicuously dark brown and fibrillose-scaly below the distinct ring zone and darkening towards the base; cortina pale brown. Flesh pallid to ochraceous-buff, darker towards the stem base; smell faint, pleasant. Gills adnate; pale violaceous at first, soon becoming clay-buff to pale rust-brown. Spores 6.5–8.5×5–6¼, broadly elliptical, rough. Spore print rust. Habitat in deciduous woodlands, usually with birch; autumn. Uncommon. Suspect avoid.