Red Banded Webcap

Cortinarius (Sericeocybe) armillatus


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Red Banded Webcap Cortinarius (Sericeocybe) armillatus (Fr.) Fr. (illustrated 60% life size) Cap 4–12cm across, hemispherical to bell-shaped then expanded and often upturned at margin with age; rusty brown, often darker at centre; disrupting into fibrous scales with age. Stem 60–150Γ—10–30mm, swollen at the base; remains of veil forming 1 or 2 orange-red belts; cortina reddish-white. Flesh pallid, darker in the stem; taste bitter, smell faintly of radish. Gills adnate to free; pallid cinnamon at first, then dark rust. Spores 7–12Γ—5–7ΒΌ, broadly elliptical to almond-shaped. Spore print rust. Habitat in woods and amongst heather, usually with birch; autumn. Occasional. Said to be edible but I advise against eating it, as all Cortinarius contain toxins.

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