Red-staining or Deadly Fibrecap Inocybe erubescens

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Red-staining or Deadly Fibrecap Inocybe erubescens A. Blytt. syn. I. patouillardii Bres. (illustrated (e) 50% life size) Cap 2.5–8cm across, conical or bell-shaped, often with low, broad umbo, margin becoming lobed or split; ivory, covered in red- or brown-staining radial fibres. Stem 30–100×10–20mm, sometimes with marginate bulb; white, staining red. Flesh white, unchanging; taste mild, smell faint when young, rank when older. Gills adnate; rose-pink then cream, finally olive-brown, bruising red. Spores 10–13×5.5–7¼, bean-shaped, smooth. Spore print dull brown. Cheilocystidia subcylindrical without apical encrustation, thin-walled. Habitat on path sides in deciduous woods, usually beech, on chalky soils; spring to autumn. Uncommon. Deadly poisonous. Note I have reluctantly adopted the earlier name.