Fleecy Fibrecap

Inocybe flocculosa


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Fleecy Fibrecap Inocybe flocculosa Sacc. (illustrated 80% life size) Cap 2–4cm across, bell-shaped with a prominent, broad umbo; pale cinnamon-brown with cream or grey down, margin paler and joined to the stem by a whitish cortina. Stem 30–50Γ—5–10mm; white, becoming flushed fawn with a white base; apex pruinose. Flesh white, reddening slightly in the stem; taste mild, smell mealy or fruity. Gills adnexed, crowded; pale fawn at first, later becoming cinnamon. Spores 8–11Γ—4.5–5.5ΒΌ, almond-shaped, smooth. Spore print walnut-brown. Cystidia fusoid, with apical encrustation, thick-walled. Habitat in broad-leaved or mixed woodlands; autumn. Occasional. Poisonous. Note illustration (h) with the dark scales was published as I. tigrina in my first book, but this name has since been dropped as nomen dubium.

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