Conocybe percincta


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Conocybe percincta P.D. Orton syn. C. teneroides sensu auct. (illustrated 65% life size) Cap 1–3.5cm across, conico-convex, expanding and often umbonate; pale yellow with darker ochre centre, becoming darker yellow-brown. Stem 25–45Γ—2–5mm, pale yellowish, often darkening towards the base; silky above ring, finely cottony below; ring prominent, later movable and often slipping down the stem. Flesh yellowish, darkening to brown towards the stem base; smell slightly acidic or mealy. Gills pale clay at first, becoming dirty ochre, finally rusty clay. Spores 10–12Γ—5–6ΒΌ, elliptical to almond-shaped, with germ pore. Spore print rust. Basidia 2-spored. Cheilocystidia obtuse, cylindrical-clavate, utriform, or lageniform. Habitat on bare soil or rotting straw; late autumn. Uncommon. Unknown edibility.

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