Fool’s Conecap

Conocybe filaris

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Fool’s Conecap Conocybe filaris (Fr.) Kühner (illustrated 80% life size) Cap 0.5–1.5cm across, bell-shaped; tan to yellowish-cream; faint lines at margin when fresh. Stem 30–50×1–3mm; white at first, discolouring yellowish to brownish, especially towards base; distinct, membranous, striate ring is white at first, soon coloured golden-rust by the spores. Flesh concolorous with cap; taste and smell not distinctive. Gills adnate; pale ochraceous-tan. Spores 6–10×4–5¼, elliptical. Spore print ochraceous-rust. Cystidia lageniform, sometimes slightly capitate or with flexuous neck. Habitat amongst grass, usually solitary; autumn. Occasional. Not edible.