Parasitic Bolete

Pseudoboletus parasiticus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Parasitic Bolete Pseudoboletus parasiticus (Bull.) Šutara syn. Boletus parasiticus Bull. syn. Xerocomus parasiticus (Bull.) Quél. (illustrated 60% life size) Cap 2–4cm across; olivaceous-straw to sienna; slightly downy. Stem up to 40×10mm, tapering towards base, often curved around or beneath host; concolorous with cap. Flesh pale lemon-yellow, unchanging, flushed rust near stem base; taste and smell not distinctive. Tubes adnate to subdecurrent; lemon-yellow to ochraceous or even rust-coloured. Pores lemon-yellow, becoming rust. Spores 11–21×3.5–5¼, elongate. Spore print olivaceous walnut-brown. Habitat unique, on Scleroderma citrinum, and therefore easily recognized; autumn. Occasional, sometimes locally common. Edible.