Tyromyces chioneus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Tyromyces chioneus (Fr.) P. Karst. syn. T. albellus (Peck.) Bondartsev & Singer syn. Polyporus albellus Peck (illustrated 50% life size) Bracket 3–10cm×2–8cm across, 1–3.5cm thick, fan-shaped to subcircular; upper surface suede-like and white at first, later yellowing; succulent. Flesh white; soft and watery at first, drying hard and chalky. Tubes 3–7mm long; white, yellowing with age. Pores 3–4 per mm, circular to elongate; whitish. Spores 4–6×1.5–2¼, subcylindrical to sausage-shaped; hyaline. Hyphal structure dimitic; generative hyphae clamp-bearing, binding hyphae coralloid. Habitat on dead coniferous or broad-leaved trees; late summer to early winter. Occasional. Not edible.