Helvella corium


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Helvella corium (O. Weberb.) Massee. syn. Cyathipodia corium (O. Weberb.) Boud. (illustrated 65% life size) Fruit body stalked, cup-like then expanded. Cap inside black, smooth; outer surface lighter due to downy hairs. Stem 10–30mm long; black, covered in a down of dark grey-brown, thin-walled, septate hairs. Spores 20–22Γ—12–14ΒΌ, broadly elliptical, smooth, containing one large oil drop. Asci 300Γ—18ΒΌ. Habitat on sandy soil, often on dunes; summer to autumn. Uncommon but locally abundant. Not edible.

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