Fruit juices

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Ripe fruit can be turned into juice, and frozen. Citrus fruit juice can also be frozen. Non-citrus fruit should be carefully checked for any bruising or insects, then mashed with a silver fork. For every 4 cups of fruit, allow 1 cup of water and simmer gently for 10 minutes. Strain through a jelly bag or cloth, and cool completely before freezing. Juices can be frozen unsweetened or sweetened. Freeze in a rigid container, leaving ½in/1.25cm headspace, or in ice-cube trays, wrapping each cube in foil and storing in quantities in polythene bags. Apple juice can be made, using ½ pint/250ml water to each 2lb/1kg apples, by simmering leftover peelings in water; it should not be sweetened before freezing since fermentation sets in quickly.
Citrus fruit juices can easily be prepared from good-quality fruit which is heavy in the hand for its size. Freeze in rigid containers, leaving 1in/2.5cm headspace.

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