To Lauren, without whom this book wouldn’t exist. Your passion and your art make the shop a better place. And you know all the right buttons to push, to make me a better boss. To Nonna and Kaleo. You inspire me. And whenever I’m feeling down, or tired, or scared, you are there to let me see the shop through your wonder-filled eyes. To Eric, our GM. Thank you for putting out all the fires. To Christian and Adam, the dynamic duo. You make coming to work fun. Here’s to the never-ending search for the perfect flavor! To the whole staff, for smiling, laughing, and being the most beloved staff in all of Brooklyn! A special thanks to Chae, Eric, Jamie, Jason, and Jenny for testing recipes. This cookbook wouldn’t be delicious without you. To Rob at Sullivan County Farms, for supplying us with the best milk, cream, and eggs possible on the East Coast.