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The Cookie Lover's Cookie Book

The Cookie Lover's Cookie Book

By Richard Sax

Published 1986

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I’d like to extend thanks to the following, all of whom generously provided support during the preparation of this book:
Barbara Campbell Nestle
Van Leer Family American Chocolate
Janet Turnbough, Pet Foods, for advice on cooking with granola
Trudye Connolly and Tom Traska, for information on Du Pont SilverStone Premium Non-Stick Surface
Joan Whitman
Sandy Gluck
Claire Reich
Susan Lescher
I’ve indicated in the text where recipes have been shared by good cooks. I thank them all for their generosity.
Rick Kot is a rare editor, unique in my experience. He invests as much energy in his books as his authors do—and I’m grateful (and frequently amazed) at my good fortune in being able to work with him.