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It is generally accepted that the term Volaille (poultry) includes not only chickens but also turkeys, geese, ducks and pigeons—yet in culinary terms when the word Volaille is used on the menu it indicates chicken only.

Four categories of chickens are used in cookery, each having its own attributes and definite usages; they are: 1) Fattened Pullets (Fr. Poulardes) and Capons (Fr. Chapons) which are usually served whole as Relevés and roasts, 2) Queen chickens (Fr. Poulets à la Reiné) which are mainly used for Sautés and for roast, 3) Spring chickens (Fr. Poulets de Grains) which are most suitable for cooking en Cocotte and for grilling, Poussins or baby chicks which are served only en Cocotte or grilled.