Menu Fifteen

The Bean Soup Lunch

Garlic toast is one of the best things to eat. There are many ways to make it, but here is my favorite. You need, first and foremost, a good loaf of bread. Find a bakery that makes an honest loaf. For me, that means a hearth-baked bread that is made of only flour, water, yeast, and salt—a loaf with a good crust, a good texture, and the flavor of wheat. It’s not important whether the loaf is whole-grain or white. Day-old bread makes especially good toast.
Then comes the question of how to toast the bread. I would try to have a fire going outside, and to rig up a grill, raking coals aside to toast bread over the cooler part. (If toasting over coals is not practical, an electric toaster or even a toaster oven is fine, if less romantic.)