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A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes

By David Tanis

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The 24 seasonal menus here—a lamb-centric spring dinner; North African comfort food for the winter—come courtesy of Chez Panisse alum David Tanis, who is an ardent advocate for feasting family-style. Tanis eschews complicated techniques for straightforward, nourishing plates, insisting that you don’t need a fancy kitchen to churn out a soulful meal.

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This is the book for anyone who wants to gather and feed friends around a table and nurture their conversation. It’s not about showing off with complicated techniques and obscure ingredients. Worlds away from the showy Food Network personalities, Tanis believes that the most satisfying meals—for both the cook and the guest—are invariably the simplest.

Recommended by

Annabel Langbein

Author and celebrity cook

A book about eating as well as recipes, encapsulated in 24 wonderful seasonal menus. I really relate to David's food – its’ the way I like to cook for friends and family. Simple, honest, fresh fare delivered with a wonderfully evocative writing style.

Anna Colquhoun

Cooking teacher, food consultant and writer

Simplicity itself, and very much my style of cooking and eating. I had the honour of cooking with the author briefly at Chez Panisse - an extremely talented chef and very nice man! Really good food is not complicated.

Kay Plunkett-Hogge

Food writer

David cooks the kind of food I want to eat and his writing feels effortless. When you read his recipes, it’s like you’re hanging out with him shooting the shit.

Bill Buford


I think of Tanis as a cook of sunshine food in the tradition of the late Roger Verge. This is the first thing I read by Tanis. It makes me want to make food.

David Prior


Tanis is as gifted a poet as he is chef. The descriptions that accompany each recipe are wise, wry and a delight to read again and again.

Diana Henry

Award-winning food writer and author. Columnist at The Sunday Telegraph

Beautifully designed, beautiful recipes, this is a book where style and content are perfectly matched (a rare thing).

Itamar Srulovich and Sarit Packer

Co-chef and owner of Honey & Co.

Paula Disbrowe

Writer, recipe developer and cookbook author

Alex Harrell

Chef-Owner, Angeline

Claire Ptak

Chef-owner, Violet Cakes

Nikki Werner

Food writer

Tina Jui

Blogger at The Worktop

Aaron Wehner