A Few Gadgets I Couldn’t Do Without

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Get in There and Cook: A Master Class for the Starter Chef

Get in There and Cook

By Richard Sax

Published 1997

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  • A good pepper mill—for use in the kitchen as well as at the table. There is no substitute for freshly ground pepper—it adds a wonderfully pungent flavor. Some cooks like two mills, one for black and one for white peppercorns.
  • A swivel peeler—or better, several. I buy several inexpensive peelers and toss them as soon as they are no longer sharp.
  • Mouli rotary grater—As useful at the table, for grating cheese over pasta, soups, and the like, as in the kitchen. Unsurpassed for fluffy ground nuts.
  • Restaurant-size flexible rubber spatula—scrapes a whole mixing bowl clean in a few quick strokes. Buy a couple.
  • Zester—small hand gadget for grating citrus zests in thin, neat strands
  • A small electric grinder—or preferably two, one for coffee beans, one for spices
  • Several wooden spoons—in various sizes
  • A tomato knife—just a small, inexpensive version of a bread knife, but useful for all sorts of kitchen jobs
  • Flame Tamer—for slow cooking with no danger of scorching
  • Salad spinner—for perfectly dried salad greens. How did we ever get along without this?