Poultry Farming in Malawi

Overcoming Adversity and Putting Women Back in Business

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Islands In A Common Sea: Stories of farming, fishing, and food around the world

By Jenny Jefferies

Published 2024

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The main motivation behind my poultry business was to take care of my big extended family.

By Chrissy Zimba

I am a disabled wheelchair user living and working in Malawi, Southern Africa. 20 years after the accident that left me paralysed, I began my small poultry business in December 2021. I started with raising 300-day old Mikolongwe chicks and grew to keeping 1,000 chicks in a month. These chicks comprise of Hylines (for eggs), Mikolongwe (for eggs and hatching) and broilers (specifically for meat). I also plant organic vegetables that are grown using the chicken manure from my poultry farm without any fertiliser, as a way of helping to maintain the soils.