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North Atlantic Seafood

By Alan Davidson

Published 1980

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  1. Part One. Works to do with the catalogues of species.
  2. This list of publications from which I have quoted or which I have consulted only includes those directly relevant to the catalogues. I have only included the name of the publisher where this seems likely to be helpful to the reader. F.A.O. stands for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
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  167. Part Two. Works to do with cookery.
  168. The entries here are arranged by country, following the same order as the recipe sections. Titles in languages other than English and French, of which the meaning is not self-evident, are given in English as well as in the original language; or, where this seems more helpful, followed by a brief indication of the scope of the book. I have not included in the list the best-known general cookery books which are currently available in Britain and North America. This seemed unnecessary, although I am of course indebted to such books as well as to the more specialized ones which I bring to the reader’s attention here.
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