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North Atlantic Seafood

by Alan Davidson


Alan Davidson's detailed exploration of European and North American waters, from the Baltic to the eastern seaboard of Canada and the US, highlights the ocean's complexity and biodiversity. It's a cherished work of meticulous research, with recipes including Crabcakes from Chesapeake Bay and Scallop Chowder from Nova Scotia, and many more.

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Far more than just fish and fish cookery, [North Atlantic Seafood] distils the accumulated knowledge of generations of weather-beaten fisher folk, curious scientists and happy fish lovers in kitchens and dining rooms the world over. In an addictive cocktail of anecdote and lore the book combines scientific catalogue of edible marine creatures with recipes drawn from the Atlantic shores – and even the Baltic.

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Viking Adult
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Valentine Warner

Author and chef

A comprehensive and thorough guide to fish in the Atlantic. A classic meticulously researched and with reliable good recipes with a sense of place

John Martin Taylor

Culinary historian

I use Alan Davidson's books on seafood frequently. This book has answered hundreds of questions for me.

Joyce Molyneux


Beautiful reference book, always a pleasure to use.

Hayley Anderton

Blogger at Desperate Reader

For reading, travelling, and eating from.

Jeremy Lee

Executive Chef Patron, Quo Vadis, Soho

Bridget Henisch

Medieval food historian

Chantal Coady

Founder of Rococo Chocolates

Christopher Hirst

Food journalist and restaurant critic