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Mediterranean Seafood

by Alan Davidson


This renowned guide to all edible fish, shellfish and other creatures of the Mediterranean Sea begins with a comprehensive, multi-lingual catalogue identifying species. The second half of the book comprises traditional recipes, arranged by country and peppered with anecdotes and historical facts.

from the publisher

This is the essential book about the cookery as well as zoology of the fish and shellfish that inhabit the Mediterranean…providing information for the fisherman and seafood enthusiast as well as for the cook [and] draws on the best methods of cooking these types of fish from the many countries best acquainted with them.

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Louisiana State University Press
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Caroline Conran

Food writer

For the curious, food-loving mind, this book has everything. It tells you the names of every Mediterranean fish and sea creature in seven languages; it shows you what they look like; it tells you how to recognise them and tell them apart; under the heading of ‘Remarks’, it outlines any interesting history, folk lore or facts adhering to them (did you know that Fan Mussels were spun and woven into a fabric from which gloves and stockings with a golden lustre were made?) and then it tells you how to cook them.

Annabel Langbein

Author and celebrity cook

Fish around the world have different names so it's useful to be able to identify the varieties you know and love and discover new ways to prepare them with Mediterranean flair.

Jenny Chandler

Food writer

A brilliantly researched, incredibly thorough guide that was absolutely indispensable to me as a cook on a yacht based in the Med'. North Atlantic Seafood is wonderful too.

Tom Jaine

Food writer

We spent our lives when first at the seaside consulting this and continue to do so.

Gabriel Gaté


First published in 1972. One of the most intellingent book of its time.

Elisabeth Luard

Food writer and illustrator

It's a toss-up between this and North Atlantic - can I have both?

Joyce Molyneux


Perfect paperback for buying fish in markets abroad.

Andrew Langley

Food writer

Barbara Santich

Author and food scholar

Stephen Mennell

Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University College Dublin

Simon Majumdar

Food writer, author and broadcaster

Nevin Halici

Chef and author

Anna Del Conte

Food writer

Jake Tilson

Artist, graphic designer and author

Carol Field

Food writer and broadcaster