Cooking Guidelines for Dried Pulses

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Ripe Recipes

Ripe Recipes

By Angela Redfern

Published 2010

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Overnight soaking is recommended for all pulses, particularly for chickpeas and red kidney beans.
Exceptions to the soaking rule are split red lentils and puy which are very small and cook successfully without prior soaking.
Always wash pulses carefully before cooking as they may contain small stones and other unwanted matter.
Be sure to drain off the soaking water and cook in fresh water. This reduces the build up of digestive gases.
Add salt near the end of cooking time to avoid tough skins.
20-30 minutes Puy lentil, red lentil
30-60 minutes + Adzuki, black eyed bean, brown lentil, split pea
60-90 minutes + Haricot, cannellini, butter bean, chickpea, red kidney