How to serve a fresh pineapple

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The Times Calendar Cookbook

By Katie Stewart

Published 1977

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Pineapples are small and inexpensive during summer months. To serve one with the minimum of fuss and trouble cut up the pineapple as follows:
  1. Cut across the top and base to remove a slice. Reserve the leafy top for decoration.
  2. Stand the pineapple on end and cut downwards into four or six wedges according to the size of the fruit.
  3. Hold each pineapple wedge on end and cut downwards along the inner edge to remove the hard centre core.
  4. Place the wedges flat and with a sharp knife cut between the pineapple flesh and skin exactly as one cuts melon flesh from the skin.
  5. Cut across the pineapple flesh and zig-zag the segments so that they look attractive.
  6. Serve the cut pineapple with a garnish of orange, a black grape or just a sprinkling of sugar.