To Cook Whole Artichokes: The Basics

If whole artichokes are your choice, try not boiling them for a change. Handsome and sleek, they beg to be “undressed” at table, a job as delicious as it is amusing if they are flavorful and tender. Once cooked, they adapt amiably to being served at a wide range of temperatures with an even wider range of accompaniments. Before proceeding with any of the methods below, please see “To prepare artichokes to serve whole,”.

To pressure cook: P.C. wizard Lorna Sass, who has written numerous books on cooking under pressure, won me over with this method: In cooker, combine a cup of water with coriander seeds, bay leaves, a garlic clove, and a few lemon slices. Set trimmed artichokes on pot rack. Lock top and bring to full pressure. Cook from 4 minutes (for the smallest) to 12 (for largest). Quick-release pressure. Strain and reduce cooking liquid; season and enrich with fresh herbs and olive oil for a savory, succinct sauce.