Alma Rodriguez

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Joined La Cocina: July 2016

Written by Emiliana Puyana, La Cocina staff since 2016

Alma was fourteen when she met Arturo in Mexico City. No one remembers if it was love at first sight, but months later Arturo found himself in a suit, one of Alma’s chambelanes—escorts—at her quinceañera. Months later, to the worry of both families, the young couple moved in together. Alma was sixteen when baby Arturo Jr. arrived.

It was hard making ends meet, and the family’s search for a better life would mean time apart. In the first of many moves, Arturo arrived in San Francisco to work while Alma, hundreds of miles away, cared for their baby. The distance was measured in milestones missed: little Arturo Jr.’s first steps, his blossoming curiosity, his little hands helping Alma in the kitchen. The distance proved too hard for them both, so Arturo returned to Mexico.

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