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Farm Journal’s Country Cookbook

Farm Journal’s Country Cookbook

by Nell B. Nichols


The works of food writer and food historian Nell B. Nichols ought to top every curious cook’s must-read list. First published in 1959, this updated version is a collection of 850 recipes from across the United States. They’re a revealing snapshot of America’s cooking heritage, chronicling the rapid changes that were taking place at the time in food preferences, technology and availability of ingredients. The tested recipes make fascinating reading and are certain to work too.

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Enlarged edition with 25 years of Farm Journal's best recipes.

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Farm Journal
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Behind The Cookbook: Farm Journal’s Country Cookbook

Behind The Cookbook: Farm Journal’s Country Cookbook

The 850 recipes in Farm Journal’s Country Cookbook, collected from cooks all across the nation, are a collection of America’s best. Author Nell Beaubien Nichols was a prolific food writer and chronicler of American foodways, with no fewer than 17 cookbooks to her name, written over a period of more than 50 years. She is best known for the series of books written for the magazine Farm Journal.