Culinary Artistry

By Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page

Original Publisher
John Wiley & Sons
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Brimming with precious insight from over 30 of America’s leading chefs, this series of inspirational interviews pulls back the curtain on the culinary process. Food, imagination and taste all meet as gourmet greats like Rick Bayless, Daniel Bouloud, and Alice Waters discuss their journeys, quite literally, from soup to nuts.

from the publisher

Craig Claiborne has earned a reputation as the great educator of the American palate. In this classically elegant and profusely illustrated book of recipes and techniques, he imparts the kind of culinary knowledge that is essential to making any dish -- from a humble boiled egg to the most ambitious of souffles -- but that most cooks only acquire through years of trial and error.

Recommended by

Ken Concepcion


Really the first book that explored not only how chefs cooked, but how they thought about food.

Maggie Green

Registered dietitian, chef and cookbook author

Atul Kochhar

Chef Patron of Benares

David Moore