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The Professional Pastry Chef

by Bo Friberg

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In this exhaustive pastry guidebook, award-winning pastry chef Bo Friberg provides instructional methods for pastry techniques that underscore fundamental baking principles. He explains how and why pastry chefs do what they do, making even the most complex dishes approachable. Comprehensive and easy to use, The Professional Pastry Chef has proven itself to be the definitive pastry resource for pros and at-home bakers alike.

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This is the reference of choice for thousands of pastry chefs and home cooks. A favorite of pastry lovers and serious chefs worldwide, The Professional Pastry Chef presents comprehensive coverage of basic baking and pastry techniques in a fresh and approachable way. . . . It shares encyclopedic guidance on everything from mise en place preparation and basic doughs.
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Van Nostrand Reinhold
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Bronte Aurell

Co-owner of ScandiKitchen

An essential go-to for the basics.

George Geary CCP

Multi-award winning Author, Tour Guide and TV personality

The best professional pastry book.

Jennifer Yee

Pastry Chef

Ben Reade

Co-Owner/Chef at Edinburgh Food Studio