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The Talisman Italian Cookbook

by Ada Boni


An American version of the Italian chef’s bible, The Talisman is packed full of authentic Italian dishes from all seven of Italy’s culinary regions. Features favorite appetizers and soups like Tuscan Minestrone, beloved pasta and seafood dishes like Shrimp Buongusto, and mouthwatering desserts like Zeppole.

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Recommended by

Drew Smith

Author and editor

In France they have Larousse. In Italy they have Ada Bono, historically the book an Italian bride was given on her wedding day. Compiled from recipes from all over the country given by friends and readers, this is actually the book on which the better-known Silver Spoon is based with one important difference. These are genuine recipes from Italian households of the 1920s. They are not chef recipes. A real taste of original Italian cuisine. A new translation is slated for 2021.

Valentina Harris

Author and Chef

Because it was my first book and where it all began for me

Franco Taruschio

Chef/proprietor and cookbook author

Anna Del Conte

Food writer

Julian Baggini

Freelance writer