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Floyd on France

by Keith Floyd


This easy-to-follow guide to provincial French cooking contains over 200 of celebrity English chef Keith Floyd’s favorite rustic dishes from the beautiful French countryside. Enjoy savory homestyle meals like Daube à la Provençale and cherished desserts like Gâteau basque accentuated by Floyd’s humorous commentary.

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Keith Floyd, passionate cook, returns to France, the country where he learned to savour the pleasures of good eating and drinking. With around 300 recipes — a highly personal selection of some of the favourite dishes that have delighted him over the years — Floyd on France, Keith Floyd's book, based on his BBC 2 series, reflects the rich variety of cooking as it is enjoyed in the cafés add restaurants and at the family tables of provincial France from Brittany to Provence and from Burgundy to Languedoc. The classic flavours of French country cooking — the slow-simmering stews, the succulent roasts, the creamy sauces, the melting flans — are lovingly celebrated and recreated in this vastly entertaining and informative guide with all the sunshine colours, the panache and the poetry of a Gauguin or a Van Gogh.

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A route through ckbk’s French cookbook collection

A route through ckbk’s French cookbook collection

Loving French food is easy. Finding exactly what kind of French food to cook, learn about and discover is a bit more complicated. This route through France’s regions, chefs and cooking styles will help you find the best of French cuisine

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Trish Deseine

Food writer

The first & greatest celebrity chef & the first UK cookbook I ever bought.

Michael O'Hare


The best tv chef there ever was a guy who truly loved food and drink.

James Steen

Journalist, author and food writer

Stephen Marsh

Managing Director, Pinkster Gin