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Rhodes Around Britain

by Gary Rhodes


Classic British fare may not always be fashionable, but Gary Rhodes doesn’t deny the love he has for the food of his roots. Traditional English dishes are treated with the utmost care and respect like smoked haddock, bubble and squeak, and every pudding you can think of.

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Gary Rhodes specializes in the traditional British dishes that have fallen from favour because of their humble ingredients, or have been overshadowed by the razzmatazz of nouvelle cuisine. In the book he presents over 100 recipes, many of them updated versions of classic dishes such as braised oxtail, Lancashire hotpot, and boiled bacon with pearl barley and lentils. Vegetarian dishes are also included. In the introduction, Rhodes elaborates on how to cook vegetables in traditional ways such as roasting and braising, and how to make dressings, marinades, chutneys and pickles.

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Matt Gillan


Not a book I've picked up recently, but certainly one that inspired me in the early years of my career, and instilled certain practices that remain now.

Russell Brown

Founder of Creative about Cuisine

An early champion of British cooking but with real flair.