Roots: The Definitive Compendium

By Diane Morgan

Original Publisher
Chronicle Books
Date of publication


Diane Morgan, master chef and author of over fifteen cookbooks, provides an extensive archive of recipes that star root vegetables. Including beets, carrots, tubers, horseradish, turnips, rutabaga, and so many more, Roots provides detailed instruction and thoughtful context for every root vegetable, along with a swath of recipes that will help you bring out the best flavors in each.

from the publisher

Discover the fascinating history and lore of 29 major roots, their nutritional content, how to buy and store them, and much more.…More than 225 recipes…that bring out the earthy goodness of each and every one of these intriguing vegetables.…[T]his essential culinary encyclopedia lets dedicated home cooks achieve a new level of taste and sophistication in their everyday cooking.

Recommended by

Elyse Kopecky

Chef and food writer