Sydney Food

by Bill Granger

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Murdoch Books
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Recommended by

Jill Dupleix

Food writer

This was a game-changer in the year 2000, and particularly significant for me, as that was the year I left Sydney for London to write for The Times as The Times Cook. In preparation, I spent some time in the kitchen at bill’s sunny little café in Darlinghurst, learning how to make his famous scrambled eggs – for my own personal greed, not for the job. I perfected those eggs in our maisonette in Notting Hill, and they never failed to give me a taste of home. A great book that showed what you can do with freshness, integrity and a little ‘why-not?’ as your guiding lights. Bill is such a lovely, natural cook who attracts great, simple ideas like a magnet and packages them beautifully – he simply deals with how we should all be cooking and eating at home while still having a life.

David Prior


In his sunny evocation of his seminal cafe's casual food, Granger did more than write a cookbook he sold the Australian lifestyle to the world.

Ruth Nieman

Food writer